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Construction general Questions and answers

 Construction Questions and Answers
FAQ of construction

Frequently asked questions for construction 

Q1) Resident house cost of construction per sq feet at year 19th? 

A1)  As of now the cost of ground-floor per sqft construction cost is INR 1500 to INR 2000. As the floor increase 5 % lead charges increase so on the 19th floor it will be INR 1500 x 19 % = INR 1785. In the 19th year, the cost was low as INR 800. 

Q2) How much cost 360 sqft open land independent house construction cost in Chennur Mandal and Coimbatore? and for the second floor?

A2) As of now the cost of Chennur Mandal and Coimbatore the cost of construction is INR 1500 and for the second floor 5 % extra,  so the total cost of 360 sqft will be INR 5,40,000.

Q3) Construction cost per sqft in Vashi excluding land cost?  

A3) Construction cost in Vashi is INR 1800 excluding land costs.



Q4) Advantages compare as pretty stressed concrete to normal concrete?

A4) Normal Concrete is not workable at tensile member, ie Beam or slab. whereas stressed concrete can sustain in beam and slab with stressed concrete.

Q5) Fuel Average for diamond chain concrete cutter?

A5) Mostly these diamond chain concrete cutters work on electricity. some with rum on fuel have more than the 15 liter average.

Q6) Construction cost at the following place?

A6) 1) Construction cost at Siddipet is INR 1500 per sqft.

       2) Construction cost at Coimbatore is INR 1500 Per sqft.

       3) Construction cost at Dehradun is INR 1400 per sqft ( 2600 sqft = INR 36,40,000).

       4) Construction cost at Kolhapur is INR 1800 per sqft. 

Q7) Which day is lucky for the purchase of wood to be used for doors and windows for new construction?

A7) Apart from Saturday, you can purchase wood to be used for doors and windows for new construction.

Q8) Which door lock come under iron Mangories in construction?

A8 ) 6 lever door lock come under iron Mangories in construction.

Q9) How to get the 2nd-floor construction plan passed in Dehradun?

A9) After making a Plan drawing of the 2nd floor with all taxation paper and property paper visit N.N.D. , that is Nagar Nigam Dehradun. The drawing is approved and signed by the architect.

Q10) List down any 10 uses of metals in building construction? 

A10) Metal used in construction are 1) Slab Reinforcement 2) Railing 3) Windows 4) Kitchen Otta / platform support 5) Fan hook 6 ) Metal switch box 7 ) Staircase 8 ) Partition 9) Grills 10 ) Stands.

Q11) Percentage break-up of construction work 

A11) Following are the break-up of construction work  of project cost 

1) Footing - 5% 

2) Upto Plinth beam slab - 15 %

3) Column and brick work up to slab - 20 %

4) Plaster both side - 15 %

5) Staircase - 5 %

6) Slab completion - 15 %

7) Tiles and finishing items - 15 % 

8 ) Painting - 10 % 

Q12) Why clay bricks are avoided in construction?

A12) Due to its manufacturing cost and its also due to its property of water absorption.

Q13) After how many days newly constructed road can be used?

A13)  If the road is made with concrete, it should be at least 28 days of curing period and groove cutting, and then only traffic movement should be allowed. However, in the case of  Bitumen traffic movement can be allowed for 3 hours.  

Q14 ) Suggest the type of concrete mix is suitable for the construction of mass concrete work like dams bridges etc?

A14) For mass and big construction structures M40  above is consider 

Q15) What will happen if concrete from the tension zone of a structure is ignored?

A15) concrete is brittle and can take the only compressive load, if the tensile load is not considered and the structure gets tensile loading, it will crack and get collapse suddenly. 

Q16) What are the components of building materials?

A16) Following are the components of building materials

Q17) Is there any Law for child labor?

A17) Yes Indian government does not allow child labor, In Maharashtra, you can call 022-26572929, if your child working in any area.  and Toll-free number -1098

Q18) What is the full form of HDPE?

A18) The meaning of HDPE is High-density polyethylene. it can be pipes or sheets.

Q19) Who is Rehan Qamar?

A19) Rehan Qamar is a famous Civil Engineer, born in 1986 in India.

         Concrete, brickwork, plaster, painting, electrical work, plumbing work, lift, furniture, flooring, doors, and windows with grills. and fixtures.


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