Farmhouse design

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Farmhouse design

As the city is becoming denser and denser, people are moving toward the outer side of the city. Daily waking up with huge noise of the vehicle, people and machines all around the side make life so difficult, with that pollution which makes are health very bad. Many people don’t even recognize how badly they are living, Kids can’t stroll freely nor can breathe freely and they can even meditate for a single minute.

Farm house design

Indian farm house design
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Have you ever dreamed to wake up to the sound of nature, like birds’ songs, waterfall sounds, or smooth breeze sounds? This is how we have to live, Hi My Name Is Rehan Qamar a civil engineer from India. Living in a country with a huge population is not so easy. And in India, lots of development is going on. For That Reason, Indian people are moving toward the outer side of the city to find peace. Let's See how to make the best farmhouse at less cost.

Farm house design

farm house design new

pitch design farm house

simple farm house design

The Minimum area which is required for farmhouses is 1.5 arce - 6000 M² - 0.60 hectares, Land with high terrain is preferred, to get more privacy and also help in water logging. Now we will consider one by one point of development of the farmhouse. But before that one should always keep in mind that staying in nature is the sole motto of the project.



             1. Fencing: -

Outer fencing should be safe from thieves and animals. Either you can go with a regular compound wall or you can go with angle and fencing. For internal you can use stone fencing as shown in the photos, fix fencing of wire mesh from two ends and fill the pebbles and then close from the top. Remember to you one GI wire with paint so that its life will be more.

pebble fencing

wire mesh fencing

chain link fencing

2. Privacy and security

CCTV cameras are a must nowadays, with 4G sim and solar power you can fix the camera anywhere and get secured. On the boundary wall, you can use angle and barbed wire. IP65 for outer condition with PTZ technology you can use the tilt option and rotate the camera 365 degree. Using bamboos partition is the great option to isolate the place.

3. Area for garden and plantation

Try to keep more open space and plant big trees at the boundary of the property. You can divide the area into three parts, one for flowers plantation second for fruits plantation, and the third for vegetables. Make sure you keep a proper distance in every plant so that you can maintain and remove feeds. Small beds with wooden planks should be used, with proper soil or a coco pit can be used. Cow dunk is the best fertilizer for the plant.

4. Area for water bodies

This is the must thing that every farmhouse needs, Water body not only gives enjoyment but also increase the oxidation in air, it makes the area pure. You can place a baby pool and fountains at the center of the property or the back side of the house. Some have started making hot springs and small pumping rivers for a natural look. A pond is also a good option for placing fish to avoid mosquitos, Koi fish is the best fish.

water boboes deign

5. Area for play house: - 

Small slides and swing make a good place for kid entertainment. Different king of like tractor rodes , camping , Rope courses, target area, wall climbing, campfire and brid watching.

6. Gazebo: -

 Sitting out site is the best pleasure and Gazebo is the ideal structure, open from all sides feels so great, feeling the smooth breeze and natural air, many makes beds in Gazebo also.

Gazebo design

Japanese Gazebo

Chinese Gazebo

Tent Gazebo

7. Area for a house: -

 Making a house with a natural look, giving the farmhouse a great look. You can use stones for walls and clay tiles for roofing. Farmhouse passage should be managed with small handrails in wood or M.S. Imagination you can make reality here, Different shape and design house can be explore with different kind of material. Only you have to feel comfortable.



8. Area For Miyawaki Forest: - 

This concept of the Miyawaki forest is super classic. In this concept, you have to make forests for native plants. These plants have to be planted in a dense manner so that they can grow vertically. You have to plant every type of plant – plants that grow high or grow low, creepers and flowers, and fruits. Just make sure you use only native plants. The forest will grow in 15 years' time.

Miyawaki forest  concept

Miyawaki founder

Interior of the Farmhouse
When you are away from the city and with nature, the interior should also match the themes. Plenty of windows, an Open porch, and fewer partition wall. The window should be placed in such a manner that it can give a natural look. Big bay windows or full-height and length sliding windows are perfect. as to merging the open area with the closed area open to the sky porch or veranda can be done. Indoor plantations give a rich and natural look.

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