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The balcony is the beautiful part of the building, with a nice view and fresh air that makes it so relaxing that one spends more time on the balcony only. Our family and friends can also join the part of this area. But it's very important how to make the balcony beautiful. In most cases, balconies are used only for storage. We will cover the design of the balcony in the following points

1. Flooring

As to give the balcony an outside look, the flooring should be natural and should feel comfortable. Engineering wood and artificial grass is the best element that can be used for flooring. But remember the flooring of the balcony should not retain the water (rain), there should be a proper flow of water, and at the same time cleaning should be easy. For that, you can use deck flooring (raised flooring). This help the upper surface gets dry quickly.

balcony engineering wood

Deck Flooring balcony

 2. Wall

As the balcony space is too small compared to other areas, we have to utilize each structure properly, at the wall we can use vertical elements, like pots, a vertical garden, bookshelves, racks, lights, and so on, It depends on what’s your interest is. Creativity has no end; we have placed a small waterfall with bamboos and panels for one of our clients. The folding table is also the best option to utilize the space.



Steel pot wall  balcony

racks balcony pot

 3. View

Balcony should be placed in just a manner that it should a have a proper view, other buildings should not obstruct the view.  Sometimes each other balcony comes exactly in front of another balcony, which should be avoided.

 4. Ceiling

Special care has to be taken in the case of the balcony ceiling, As it considers the other portion of the building, weatherize conditions can damage the ceiling. Plaster of Paris should be avoided. Even birds can be a problem if there is a grid ceiling, birds can make nests. Engineering woods is very suitable with HPCL panels.  I will suggest keeping the ceiling plan to avoid high maintenance. You can fix coff light to give the balcony a good look.

 5. Railing

The railing is the heart of the balcony, with beautiful design and shape can enrich the balcony's beauty.  Railing pots and stands are also available in the market which can be easily fixed in any type of railing, or you can make a customized also. These pots are used to plant small creepers which can merge into the railing. The stand can be used to have food or for small office work, One of my clients has converted its small balcony into a beautiful studying area.

Railing  Pot balcony
railing study table

6. Elements in the balcony 
Sofas, Chairs, tables, and swings are the best elements that make the balcony complete. The elements that you might find on a balcony can vary depending on the type of balcony and its intended use. Here are some common elements you might find:
Railing or barrier: Balconies usually have some sort of railing or barrier for safety reasons. This can be made of wood, metal, or glass.
Flooring: The flooring of a balcony can be made of various materials such as wood, concrete, tile, or stone.
Furniture: Many balconies have furniture such as chairs, tables, and loungers. This can be made of different materials like wood, metal, or plastic.
Plants and greenery: Balconies are often used for gardening, so you might see potted plants or even small trees on a balcony.
Lighting: Balconies can have lighting fixtures to provide light during the night. This can include wall-mounted lights or hanging lamps.
Storage: Depending on the size of the balcony, there might be some storage space for items such as gardening tools or outdoor cushions.
Decorative elements: Balconies can be decorated with various elements such as wall art, wind chimes, or hanging baskets. 

The design of a house balcony can vary greatly depending on the style of the home, the location, and the intended use of the space. However, here are some general guidelines to consider:

Size: A balcony should be large enough to accommodate the intended use, whether that's dining, relaxing, or entertaining. Ideally, it should be at least 6 feet deep and 8 feet wide.

Safety: Safety is paramount when it comes to balconies. The balcony should have a sturdy railing that is at least 36 inches high to prevent falls. The railing should also be designed to prevent small children or pets from slipping through.

Privacy: If you value privacy, consider adding a privacy screen or trellis to your balcony. This will not only add privacy, but it can also provide shade and create a more intimate space.

Materials: Choose materials that are durable and weather-resistant, especially if the balcony will be exposed to the elements. For example, metal or composite decking are great options that are both durable and low maintenance.

Lighting: Consider adding lighting to your balcony to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. This can be done with outdoor string lights, lanterns, or even built-in lighting.

Furnishings: Finally, consider adding comfortable and stylish furnishings to your balcony. This could include outdoor seating, a dining table, or even a small garden. The goal is to create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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