How to do best flooring in concrete

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How to do best flooring in concrete

Concrete flooring is a big engineering challenge, As many factors involve while doing concrete flooring.   

  Today we will try to understand what are the difficulties we have to face while doing flooring and how we can do the best Flooring in concrete.

how to do best flooting

From the start, it's a very important thing that the material which should be used must be clean. That is a fine aggregate ( Sand ), coarse aggregates, and water. Let's start one by one

  • Sand:- Now river sand is best for concrete but if that sand is pure. Most of the time it has huge pebbles, clay, and wooden material and if we do not remove all these materials, it can damage the floor as clay and wood come out is a later stage and make potholes... I have uploaded the images, this problem I have faced.
  • Coarse Aggregated:- Usually I have seen that in the course aggregate doesn't have any mixed material, but yes size and shape are required.
  • Water:- The most important material in concrete. Water should be portable and should be free from silt and clay.  The water ratio should be maintained properly. 
  • The cement should be OPC ( which is without fly ash ) and the high grade is good.

Above all are the precautions to be taken in the material. But it's important to take care while performing the concrete. Some important precautions mentioned below 

  • Materials which is taken care of should be kept on a proper base ( like Plain concrete ), which is free from mud and waste particles 
  • While unloading or loading vehicle tires should not touch material, as it can deteriorate the material. 
  • Now mixing of materials should be as designed and should be maintained.
  • The flooring of concrete should be dewatered and Hardener ( 4 kg per m2) should be laid for proper surface hardness ( which execution )The power trowel should be worked without adding any water or cement water. Only raw working should be there. 
  • You can use a densifier after 2 weeks. 
Addition Steps to be taken for a more accurate and smooth surface for concrete floor.
  • Concrete floor to be laid in between two-channel and channels should be cleaned, leveled, and oiled before pouring concrete.
  • After a 2-week densifier process can be made, in which first concrete has to grind and after that chemical is pore on the concrete so that all the porous thing get filled with the chemical. later polish is done to give the concrete a glossy look. It also helps in wearing concrete. 
These safety measurements can help in the best flooring in concrete. 

There are Many companies for concrete flooring some companies are given below 

1) Dura Flooring

2) Indus Floors

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