Importances of Sunshade, tie beams and R.c.c Mullion

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Importances of Sunshade, tie beams and R.c.c Mullion


It's a big mistake if we do not construct sunshades. The sunshade is very useful for protecting against sun and rainfall. With all buildings, a structure sunshade is also designed considering the location of the window and the rainfall type in that area. The amount of cantilever needed for sunshades depends on the sun and rain, but it should not be less than 0.5 x  the height of the window. For Example height of the window is 1.2 M, so the cantilever should be not less than 0.6M.

sunshade design

Apart from the sunshade cantilever, drip mold is also very important. to break the flow of water through the surface has to be blocked with drip mold. small offset as shown in the photo, break the flow. 

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Now the Same has to follow for the door area also. Sunshade reinforcement is from the beam hence beam has to be designed considering the same. Many times you have seen that most of the time people miss the sunshade and later they go with M.S steel shades. it is also called Chajja


Do you provide R.C.C coping in a 9-inch brick wall? if your answer is no then you are wrong. R.C.C. Coping is very necessary as it helps avoid cracks. similarly, if cut lintel is provided then at that level copping is provided. But why do contractors avoid doing r.c.c copping? There might be two reasons 1) Most of the time in 9-inch wall r.c.c copping rates are included, hence they avoid. 2) R.c.c copping comes at the height of  900 mm and at that level you have to stop the brickwork, which pauses the brickwork, which takes time hence contractor avoids the same.  It is also very important to put r.c.c copping reinforcement to the column. 


 In half brick wall, r.c.c Mullion is a must as it gives strength to a half brick wall, the r.c.c Mullion column reinforcement is taken from flooring steel. R.c.c Mullion columns are mostly at the corner and at the edge of the opening also when the length of a brick wall is long.



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