Now google will pay civil engineers

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Now google will pay civil engineers

You are a civil engineer and you want to earn online? Start with google. Yes, google will pay you.

How will google pay a civil engineer? 
 Sharing your experience in engineering in form of blogs.
google pay civil engineer

 Anything I have to pay for? 
 Everything is Free Free and Free 

 How to start? 
You have to make an account in google... Hope you have one. Then you have to open google blogger. There you have to start writing, or uploading photos and videos with your experience in engineering. You can see all the post's pages. 


 Important tips before starting? Remember- 
 1)Do not copy and paste. If you want to pass you can use the HTML button and past between <p> past the article</p> 
2) You have to make some important pages like contact, terms, and conditions, declaration, and site map. 
 3) In the setting write meta text for the website ( it's basically:- details of your website ) 
 4) Add a Fevi icon and robot text ( these all will increase you're earning 
 5) you can download free themes for bloggers How google will pay? When you will write the post, people will visit and see the post. Google will put ads in between your post. Google pay you when someone sees the ads on your website. After a month you have to register your website for Google sense.

adsense rule for blogger

 1) article should have a minimum of 800 words 
2) You will not open your website ( as Google pay and ads visibility ) 
3) write search key work in the right side description block 
4) remember google pay is for the organic audience only. 

 How much time do you have to give?
 It's up to you, as it's a passive income you can give one hour or three hours also. Images Remember the photos you upload should have alt text and image text. You have to right-click and tell what the image is about. This will increase the rate of your site visitors. The image should be in png format so that it can be opened easily. You can upload the image from your device, Google Drive, or by URL. Videos should be in mp4 or vlc format. Videos also can be uploaded by URL, YouTube, drive, or device. Only images or videos will not be accepted by Google ads sense there should be a proper combo of text and images + videos. 

 How to increase the earnings? You can list for website on the following website 
 1) google analytic 4
 2) google search console
 3) google publisher ( google news ) Follow my blog to get better results and earnings. You love the work once you start. All income is in $ so you will earn more.

Payment method?

Google pays only by cheque or bank transfer. When you reach $10 google will confirm the bank and address. Google approximate pay 0.01 $ for ads visibility and 1$ to 2 $ on the clicks (country-wise).

Google civil engineer

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