How to increase house and building life

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How to increase house and building life

 Food, clothes, and shelter are the basic need of any person. we are so concerned about what to eat and what to wear but, the least importance we give to the shelter. it might be for two reasons, shelter is too costly and we almost make it once in our life. Now if we are making a house or building once in our life, we have to maintain that house and build it periodically. Today we will see how to adopt small works that can increase the building life and its strength.

building safety

1) Painting 

 Painting is the shell of every building, house, or structure. As it works as a coating that safe the building from rain, dust, and sun. In a building, many components are there which can deteriorate with water and sunlight ( like reinforcement). we should do the painting of the building every 3 years. it's very important.

2) Drainage and rainwater pipe

Many times drainage and water pipe have some small leakages and due to ignorance there is always a wet portion which results to major damages to the buildings, like wetness and deposition of dust result to grow weeds and algae and they make small pores to a big gap by there roots. 

3) Putting Garden pots on the floor 

Now, these seem to be small issues but they can make huge damage. Pots kept directly on floor, damages floor by dampness, due to these stagnant of water happens and there are chances that water enter slab. 
The best method is to keep a stand and keep the pot on it, so that water can flow beneath it.

4) Hole for A/c or Duct

Mostly this work is done after the building is finished. The hole or duct made for A/C and cooler is not repaired properly, which results in cracks and water leakages. hole and duct surrounding should be packed with GP2 concrete and should be well compacted. 

5) Window sill 

Making a window sill with proper slope at the outer side is very important, or else water can come inside, Nowadays window sill is made in a step manner ( with tiles or stone ) stone.

window sill

6) Plinth Protection

Most of the building is not with plinth protection. Plinth protection protects against water capillary action and give more life to the building, plinth protection is done at the outer side of the building at plinth level, laying concrete at least 800 mm to 1200 mm wide throughout the periphery of the building 

7) Tiles joints to be filled with epoxy

Do you tell your flooring person to fill the tiles or stones joints within 48 hours ? if not then it's a big mistake. All flooring joints are to be filled with epoxy within 48 hours are else all dust will be fixed inside the joints and then it will be difficult to remove. filling flooring joints helps in flooring life and also in leakages.

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