Best window for house or building

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Best window for house or building

How to choose a window for a house, office, or commercial?

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The window is a very key factory that gives room light, air, and visibility. There today I will tell you how to select the perfect window for your room.

Now first we will see the type of window opening. That is how the window will open

1) Regular shutter window - there can be one panel or two panels. It works on hinges. As per requirement, it can be opened on the outer side or inner side of the room

  2) sliding window - these can be of two-track or multiple tracks. It works on channels and the shutter is a slide-by roller. 

3) upper hinge window- these windows are lifted outside and upward manner. These are also working on hinges.

Which window is best for your house?

Regular shutter window To get a full view without any obstruction regular shutter window is best. These windows can be made in wood ( teak ), UPVC, or Aluminium. Venders, please comment below your address for the purchaser.

Advantages of regular shutter windows. 1) Full view 

 2) Easy to open and close.

Disadvantages of regular shutter window.

1) If you open the window outside rain we the shutter inner portion also, Grill will be placed inside in this case and then it will be difficult to open the window

  2) if you open the shutter inside then it will be an obstruction for furniture and movement. 

3) After a time hinges give problem. 

4) you can't fix the mosquito net

Best window in regular shutter window

1) Aluminium ( NCL type ). 

2) UPVC window.

Sliding window These windows are introduced in modern days where you need a fast working and flush look. No hinges - no swinging shutters.

Advantages of sliding window

1) Easy is fixing. 

 2) Does not obstruct any inner or outside object.

 3) Mosquito net can be fixed easily. 

 4) Grill from the outer side can be fixed.

Disadvantages of sliding window

1) After a time due to dust on the track sliding does not work smoothly. 

2) In the rains water gets filled in track and if the holes are blocked water can come inside. 

3) In any case you can't get a full view of the opening.

Best in sliding windows are

1) UPVC windows

Upper hinge window

Truly, these windows are not workable. It's only an option if we want to fix the window in the pitched roof or any commercial facade

Advantages of upper hinge window

1) It's a different look. 

 2) very comfortable for small windows.  

3) you get a full view 

 4) as the shutter gets up you get a shed in a window.

Disadvantages of upper hinge windows

1) These windows are not rainproof. 

 2) Hinges have lots of pressure. It might get difficult to operate. 

3) lots of dust get accumulate on the window shutter. 

4) grills are difficult to fix.

Best in upper hinge window

1) Aluminium



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