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Stand in Hurricane

 So many climate changes are going and due to heavy pressure, all-natural calamities are seen. But how do stand and sustain in these calamities? Today we will discuss how to build a house or building which can stand and sustain in Hurricane.

Hurricane 2022 is given a problem for western countries. But with a few tips, your building will stand strong in a hurricane. These tips are for new construction. which want to design the house or building hurricane resistant.

Before knowing how to build a house a hurricane-proof. we have to study two things. what is a hurricane and what happens in a hurricane?  So a hurricane is just a cyclone, where the wind moves in point rotation. 

Now let's see how we can build a building that will be hurricane-proof. It can be divided into 5 manners

New hurricane

  • The shape of the building.
  • Engineering.
  • The material used in building. 
  • Connection.
  • Sustainability. 

The shape of the building should be in a curve manner from all sides. So that the wind hit the building should pass without any obstruction. More the obstruction in the building., the more pressure will be given to the building. hence curve help in the proper wind flow.

The building should be designed in an engineering manner. Proper structure and wind pressure design are considered in designing. Even the type of footing is also a concern part, As wind pressure is so high.

The material should be smooth and the surface should not have wear and tear. In Hurricane apart wind moisture is also there.  Clay bricks in ideal for wind pressure, Even an MS truss is also will work. Window Glass should be in the high-pressure category.

The connection between column and roof should be strong and have the ability to retain its position in hurricanes.

Circular buildings are more sustainable. Pitch roofs which helps in wind flow

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