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Plywood Veneer and Laminate

Plywood and covers

What is Plywood?

Ply is the layers of the wooden sheet of 1 to 2  which is compressed and made of thick plywood.

Plywood is the common name for panels made from thin layers or "plies" of wood, glued together with adjacent layers having their wood grain rotated up to 90 degrees to one another. The glue joins the layers together to form a composite material. There are two basic types of plywood. The most common is referred to as "face-grain" plywood. Face-grain veneers are laid with their face grain (the pretty side) out, and the core veneers are laid with their face grain going in the same direction. The other type of plywood is called "veneer-core" plywood. Veneer-core is made from several layers of the same species of wood. The layers are stacked with their face grain going in the same direction, but their core grain going in opposite directions. This gives a stronger panel since the grain of each layer is 90 degrees to the adjacent layers.

Plywood is a manufactured panel made of thin layers of wood (or other materials) glued together at right angles to form a larger, stronger sheet. It's used as an alternative to solid wood and can be sanded, cut, drilled, and painted more easily. Plywood is used in construction and in furniture. Most plywood is used in construction, where it is a major component of manufactured buildings (prefabricated houses or apartment buildings) and in exterior and interior sub-floors, stairs, and walls.

How plywood is made?

The timber is scrubbed, and then a sheet of 1 to 2 mm is taken out by peeling timber before the peeling timer is also dipped into the hot water of 100-degree C.  These sheets are trimmed and made into the required size. Once the sizing is done, different coats with glue are laid and kept on each other. these sheets are then taken to a press machine. After pressing plywood is ready for its brand marking and dispatch.



Where plywood is used?

Plywood is used for any purpose like doors, beds, sofas, and wooden cupboards. plywood is the main component of furniture. Many nowadays do wooden play false ceiling. 

How to select plywood? or which plywood is best for house furniture 

Plywood is raw material, and as made up of wooden, Anti termite plywood should be the 1 st choice, secondly, plywood should be waterproof, and there should be no white holes. 

Where can I buy a plywood sheet?

There are special stores of plywood, Veneer, and laminate, where you buy the plywood sheet.

What is the price of a plywood sheet?

It varies from country to country but its starts from Rs. 40 sqft to Rs 100 sqft.




What is Veneer?

A veneer is a thin sheet of wooden

In the world of furniture-making, most people are familiar with solid wood. Solid wood is used in the construction of chairs, tables, cabinets, and other furniture pieces. But solid wood doesn’t always offer the best solution to the overall aesthetic of a piece. That’s because solid wood is often bulky, heavy, and sometimes features knots, which can make it difficult to work with. So what is a veneer? A veneer is a thin slice of wood applied to a substrate and used as an aesthetic material. A veneer is often used to give furniture pieces a more elegant appearance, but it can also be used for structural purposes. A veneer can be applied to solid wood, particle board, and plywood. A veneer is often used in applications where the appearance of wood is desired, but the substance of wood isn’t.

How veneer is made?

Timber is peeled into thin sheets, which are then dry and coated with chemicals, to give glossiness and mat finish.

Where Veneer is used?

A veneer is the top cover of the wooden base, it is used on wooden planks, plywood, wooden door, table, cupboards, tv units,s and so on.

How to Select the best Veneer?

We should see that the veneer sheet is not hard, and the quantity of selected shade should be available, as it's a natural product you might not get the same shade of veneer after the next lot. Venner should have no oil or water presence. remember veneer changes its color after polish. 

Where I can buy a veneer sheet?

Big plywood sellers have veneer sheets.

What is the price of a veneer sheet?

Veneer sheet comes between 55 sqft to 200 sqft.


What is Laminate?

It's an artificial sheet made of resin on fine paper, it comes in a different texture. Laminate sheet is made of high-quality materials with high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, ease of the process, etc. It is used for light and heavy-duty furniture, kitchen cabinet, office furniture, wall panel, and other furniture. This is made of phenolic resin, glass fiber, paper, and other materials.

How Laminate is Made?

Resin laid on the fine paper, this is called melamine this product sent to the oven for drying, this makes resin dry, later on, that a decorative paper is fixed with glue, Last but not least a protective cover is laid ( again it is made of paper and resin

Where laminate sheets are used?

Laminate sheets are fixed on plywood and wood. it is for tabletop, cupboard, and tv units.

How to select good laminate for furniture?

The sheet should be soft and should have a proper covering coat.

Where I can buy a laminate sheet?

Laminate sheets are available in plywood and big timber shops

What is the price of the laminate sheet?

Laminate sheets come between Rs 20 sqft to Rs 80 sqft

                           How to past veneer and laminate 

How to properly glue plywood laminate and veneer? Good adhesion is the key to a successful laminate job. The better the bond, the stronger and more durable the finished product. When using any of the laminate or veneer products in the Plywood line, you can be assured that you are using one of the strongest and most durable laminates in the industry. Plywood laminates come with an aniline-dyed surface that is resistant to stains and fading which will keep your product looking great for years to come.

The need for glue when pasting veneer and laminate can be a little exaggerated. Glue is often used to fix the laminate and veneer, but it is not always needed. The decision to use glue should be determined by the type of laminate or veneer. The most common type of glue used for this purpose is paste.

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