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This is an ongoing project and will be updated weekly. Sharing the Freebies in AutoCAD World. You can download the files or get updates.

We will be giving at least 2 files per week. You can download or get updates on the Freebies in AutoCAD World. Only Free Stuff Today.

We will post at least 2 files per week. You can download or get updates on the Freebies in AutoCAD World.

There are a lot of tools available on the internet to help with construction management, estimating, and calculations. Many of these tools are quite expensive and you have to pay a hefty sum to use them. However, these tools have a lot of features that you would need and that's where the free material consumption calculators come in.

Structures are a part of any industry. Be it a house, a hospital, a school, a stadium, a mall, a theatre, or even a church, they are an integral part of our lives. Building structures are an expensive affair, especially when you are talking about developing scientifically engineered structures.

This blog will help you: 

1. to estimate the material required to build a structure 

2. to estimate the number of man-hours required to build a structure

1. In the last 4 months, we have got a lot of feedback on our site that we need a paper copy of all the stuff on our site so, we are starting a Blog section on all the stuff that can be easily downloaded and printed. It is an open secret that you can print a site and use it as a notebook. In many cases, we are not only talking about websites but about brochures and other printed materials that can be used for various purposes. Below, we have prepared the most interesting and useful examples of printed materials from various websites and online services.

2. For Engineering students who want to save their time and want to get all the latest updates from us, we are starting a section on Structures. Here you will get all basic structure designs (columns, beams, walls, etc.) in AutoCAD format so that you can use them for your designs. Structural engineering for any kind of construction involves various load-bearing components that can be made of steel, concrete, or even wood. A structured design is a careful summarization of all the potential forces acting on the building, which are then used to determine the most suitable material and layout for the building. The calculations involved in this process are generally quite complex, and thus a lot of schools offer courses in structural design, which cover all the essential concepts of the subject.

3. In the upcoming months, we are planning to release a lot of material consumption calculation sheets for different products which can be easily shared with your friends and teachers too. For example, for calculating the amount of waste generated by different products and knowing how much waste a person produces on a daily basis. There will also be some other calculation sheets like the one that tells you how much material is wasted by a poorly designed product. Structures designs will also be released for civil engineering students and the AutoCAD files will be used to design simple structures with AutoCAD software.

construction management

 We All know the importance of Construction management. Each person needs to manage their activities, for example the site supervisor has to maintain a record of labor, material, and billing. Similarly, the Manager of a big company also needs to manage the record of various sites. But have you thought that if we do this digitally, how fast and easily we can maintain the record and at the same time we can submit and calculate the progress in a minute? 


*** ***

Today I will tell you free management way to maintain the records and check the progress of work. Yes, It's free and reliable.  

flow of working

So First you will need a Google account, Once your account is created, go to google drive.  Now google drive is the center of your storage, where you can save files. In management, two things are very important: the data comes and the other where the data is stored. 

new in doc
more opptions

For Data collection use google forms. It's very simple to collect the data. What you required will be in way of Questions and Answers.  

edit forms
For example, if you want the labor record, your Question will be just Male Labour and the answer will be a short answer, with validation response should be in number, you can see the photos for reference.
as per need form

Now once the form is ready send it to the person you want to collect the data, see below what it looks like to the person filling the record.
question for forms

Now once the Person fills the answer like 4, see how the record is automatically recorded in google sheet where we can edit or calculate.

all at one sheet
get data

Now the best part is that the date and time come automatically at the time of record is submitted. which gives date-wise entry.

Now you can do a lot once you get the concept of making forms and collecting data. After that, there are lots of addons that can give reminders, notifications, and separations of data. 

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