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When we are on the field or in the meeting we come across many small calculations, like finding the slope, Area of a circle, the circumference of a circle, inclined length, and so on. I have tried to include many such formulas and calculations to find various items.

Construction logo dsf
Circumference Circle 

The circumference is the length of the rim of the circle

Circle formula d

Cf. L.:-     3.14 x D  ( Cf. L. -Circumference length, D -Diameter)

Cf. L.:-  6.28 x r   ( Cf. L.- Circumference length, r - Radius)


Calculation of Tor Steel bar.

When it comes to steel calculation or steel B.O.Q. , we need to know the weight of that particular bar running meter. The calculation is given below.

a) Weight of bar per meter = ( D x D )/ 162  Kg/ per meter

( where D is the dia of the bar ) 

example  8mm dia bar = (8 x 8 )/ 162
                                                                 = 64/162
                                                                           = 0.395 Kg / per meter
b) No. of Stirrups = ( Clear span / Spanning ) +1

c) Lap Length in column would be 45D ( D =bar diameter)

d) Lap length in beam / slab should be 69 D ( D=bar diameter).

e) Hook and Bend length as per Dia of the bar.
all kinds of bends

     8mm bar - 75 mm hook  and 75 mm bend. 
    10 mm bar - 90 mm hook and 75 mm bend.
    12mm bar - 110mm hook and 75 mm bend.
    16 mm bar - 145mm hook and 90 mm bend.
    20 mm bar -180mm hook and 110 mm bend.
    25mm bar - 200 mm hook and 140 mm bend.
    32mm bar - 290 mm hook and 175 mm bend. 
    40 mm bar - 360mm hook and 220 mm bend.
    50 mm bar -450 mm hook and 275 mm bend. 

You also refer to I.S. code:-2502  In Downloads

Calculate trapezoidal Footing:-

To know how to calculate the trapezoidal footing area, you have to first refer to the image given below.
footing formula

1) v = (L x B x d ) + h/3 ( A1 + A2 + √(A1xA2)

Where v= volume of trapezoidal footing 
              L= length of footing 
              B = breadth of footing 
              d = depth of bottom portion
               h = height of trapezoidal portion = D - d 
              A1 = Area of bottom portion  ( Lx B)
              A2 = Area of top portion ( l x b )
               l    = Column Width +15 cm (6")
              b   = Column Breadth + 15 cm (6") 

Weight Of M.S. Flat :-

Weight = 7850 x 10-⁶ x W x T ( kg/rm )

where  W= Width of Flat in mm
               T = Thickness of Flat in mm 

Thumb rules in civil engineering

1) 500 Nos bricks required in 1 m3 Area work
2) Steel consumption
     a) Footing = 0.05kg/sqft
     b) Column = 0.35 kg/sqft
     c)  Beam = 0.7 kg/sqft
     d) Slab    = 0.65 kg/sqft
     e) Lintel = 0.05 kg/sqft.
3) Shuttering Material required
     a) 2500sqft x 0.02 = 50 sheet of play (8' x 4') 
4)  Excavation:- Consider 150 mm extra on either side than the actual size of P.C.C.. The quantity of excavated loose material will be 1.4 times more than the excavation quantity.

Removings of shuttering / formwork 

Formwork / shuttering of concrete can be removed depending on the span and sides - if Span is more, it will take more time and vice versa. similarly, the vertical side can be removed earlier than the horizontal ( bottom )

1) Vertical structures like columns, walls, or beam sides = 16-24 hours.
2) Slab and beam up to 4.5 m clear span = 7 days.
3) Slab and beam  4.5 m to 6 m clear span = 14 days.
4) Slab and beam over 6 m clear span = 21 days.

you can also refer to IS code - 456-200 in the download 

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